Scaling Agile using SAFe and KVASAR

Introducing our new product, designed to help organizations implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with ease and efficiency. Our product is a comprehensive solution that provides a range of tools and resources to support organizations in their SAFe implementation journey.

With KVASAR Scaled Agile , you can streamline the implementation process and ensure that all teams are aligned with SAFe principles and practices. The product offers a variety of features such as customized templates, real-time dashboards, and automated workflows, which help you manage the SAFe implementation process effectively.

Whether you are new to SAFe or have been using it for some time, our product offers a flexible and scalable solution to meet your needs. It provides a collaborative platform for teams to work together, share information and track progress, allowing you to achieve greater visibility and transparency across your organization.

With KVASAR Scaled Agile, you can accelerate your SAFe implementation, reduce errors, and improve the overall quality of your agile development process. Try it today and take your SAFe implementation to the next level!

Els principals motius pels quals els nostres clients trien KVASAR sobre altres solucions són:​

  • It is a complete IT Lean governance solution that helps you to manage the operational backbone processes of your organization, functional unit or business unit all in one centralized system.​
  • Gestió de objectius estratègics.
  • Coordinate and Manage multiple teams efford using KVASAR Hyperkanban
  • Highly intuitive SPA based web application.​
  • SAFE Framework Implementation out of the box: No extra configuration needed.​
  • API REST per a integracions.
  • We will help you to integrate with other tools to specialize processes.