About me

I am the CEO and CO Founder of KVASAR Technologies, a company that provides Technology Consulting & Strategy  and Full Software Developing Services, specialized in Agile methodologies.

KVASAR ha establecido una división dedicada al desarrollo de Internet de las cosas (IoT). Esta división aprovecha la experiencia y los recursos de KVASAR para ofrecer soluciones de IoT de vanguardia que satisfacen las necesidades de los clientes en una variedad de industrias.

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El escalado efectivo de prácticas ágiles en toda una organización puede ser una tarea extremadamente difícil de lograr sin la ayuda de soluciones tecnológicas adecuadas.

Kvasar Technologies provides “KVASAR Scaled Agile“, a platform to streamline and simplify the process of implementing agile methodologies across the company, inspired in SAFe

En KVASAR, nuestros servicios de consultoría tecnológica y estrategia integran diversas disciplinas del conocimiento, entre ellas:

  • IT portfolio management.
  • IT Service Management.
  • Full Software Development.
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Scaling Agile company-wide.

Agile talk in Action!

About me

Ingeniero de Telecomunicaciones graduado en ETSETB UPC Barcelona. Puedes consultar mi proyecto de fin de carrera aquí .

With years of experience and a deep understanding of programming languages and software development methodologies, I am able to work independently or as part of a team to deliver high-quality, efficient, and scalable software solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. 

Whether it’s building a new application from scratch or maintaining and upgrading an existing system, we are committed to delivering results that exceed expectations and help my clients achieve their business goals. 

With a focus on communication, collaboration, and attention to detail, we are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and delivering exceptional service every step of the way.

Additionally, I have a track record of mentoring junior developers and contributing to the growth of the team. By leveraging my experience and expertise, I can help organizations improve their software development processes, deliver high-quality products, and achieve their business goals.

I occasionally teach Front End Development and Project Management classes at Salle Bonanova in Barcelona. Leveraging my expertise in these areas, I deliver high-quality instruction that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their careers.

I possess a wealth of technical expertise in various software development technologies, including Angular, Java, Typescript, MongoDB, MySQL, WordPress, JavaScript (jQuery,  AngularJS), HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Web Design (Bootstrap).

Additionally, I stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and continuously expand my skills to ensure that I am well-equipped to tackle any software development challenge.

Currently located in Girona ( a small city located 80 km in the north of Barcelona).

During my degree studies I founded a small internet company called Alquilerjoven.com about rent flats that achieved more than 10.000 visits a month.

I have a good basis in electronics. One of my hobbies is smart home devices design in my home lab. I’m a big fan of embedded systems design using low power PANs( Zigbee) for home automation.

Algunas de mis aficiones son viajar, jugar al ajedrez, hacer senderismo y andar en bicicleta por la montaña. ¡Y me encanta aprender nuevos idiomas y conocer gente de todo el mundo!

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We have a team of highly qualified and talented associates that can provide solutions to any number of business challenges in a wide variety of industries.

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