Freelance Scrum Master

Need a Scrum master?

We can provide for your company or for your new project a external Scrum Master profile or Scrum Master Agile coaching services.

Main tasks:

  • Responsible for the introduction and compliance with the Scrum rules in BA projects and procedures.
  • Monitor and control external factors influencing the Scrum teams.
  • Solution of acute/current problems or elimination of obstacles.
  • Moderation of all Scrum events.
  • Coordination of several teams and cross-sectional tasks (information flow in/from other teams).
  • Quality Assurance of Deliverables (DoD and parent DoD).
  • Supporting the Product Owner in backlog maintenance and release planning.
  • Conducting sprint retrospectives in other teams.

For a detailed understanding of the advantatges of using external consultants, please refer to this post: External consulting benefits