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Jordi Marti #Tech

If your business wants to produce software with a differential value based on quality, robustness and maintainability, we can help you.

We offer you expert services in modeling and design of computer systems, software architectures and business processes.

Agile Delivery

The world changes fast.
We need to quickly respond to changes, Inspect and adapt is a must

Digital Thinking

Our vision in digital transformation is focused in a continuous research, training and investigation and deep understanding of business processes.

Quality Assurance

We believe in deliver hight quality software.
We are commited to user satisfaction, user expectations and keeping low long term maintenace costs

Customer first

We are commited to create the best experience for the customer.









Spring boot


We do not limit ourselves to a particular technology stack and are constantly seeking the appropriate tool for each project. Nonetheless, we have a strong affinity for certain technologies, such as Angular, SpringBoot, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, and Microservices.

And always keeping and eye on what is next to come.

1.-Custom web application development services:

We develop custom, highly complex and innovative applications.

    • REST APIs.

    • Integrations and interoperability.

    • ETL and data crunching.

    • Payments gateway integrations.

    • Cloud arquitectures.

    • Application security (authentication and authoritzation).

    • Caching

    • IA solutions: Neural networks and genetic algorithms.

2.- Off-the-Shelf solutions

We provide the best solution for your business:

    • CMS (Content Management Systems): For promoting your services and products.

    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Keep track of your customer relations information.

    • Project Management Systems : manage and control your project data (scope, timeline, costs, quality, human resources, risks, stakeholders)

    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) : Keep track of your business core processes information.

Technological Stack

Backend: Java, Python, Nodejs

Front End: Angular, hight performance UI with REDUX architecture.

Databases: MongoDB, Mysql, MariaDB, Oracle

Infrastructure: Docker, AWS Cloud.

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