Websites for freelancers and business

website development

Web page development

We design and develop websites for freelancers and businesses.

We provide the essential features that should have a website to succeed:

Responsive design

Accessibility for all types of devices and screen configurations: smartphones, tablets.


We provide you with our servers for web hosting or we adapt to yours.

Search Engine Optimitzation (SEO)

We configure the web to show up in internet search engines: Google, Bing, etc …). If the web does not appear in search engines, you don’t exist.

Maintenance service

Good maintenance of the website is essential to preserve the value of the page over time. If you do not maintain your website, the website is doomed to die.

Additional features:

  • Botiga online ( e-commerce)
  • Integracions amb serveis externs. ( passarel·la de pagament, etc…)
  • Multi-language.
  • Web analytics.

Marketing online

I carry out studies and digital marketing campaigns as well to generate content and promote your website on multiple internet platforms. (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, etc …).

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